Another “NerdCon: Stories” is In The Books

by Sharon Browning

Well, another NerdCon: Stories convention has come and gone (held October 14 and 15 in Minneapolis, Minnesota), and once again, a good time was had by all.

I had every intention of posting a report on the goings-on this morning, but my general euphoric exhaustion following the convention, as well as having so many wonderful experiences to parse through, have conspired to keep me from doing justice to any quick turnaround on even a concise summary of everything that I experienced.

So instead, I will leave you with this little teaser, to show that conventions aren’t all just panels and key note speakers and workshops and such – they can be hilariously fun, as well!  So please, enjoy this super silly – and yet abundantly amazing – performance by science fiction writer John Scalzi, in Saturday afternoon’s lip sync battle!

Soon, very soon, I’ll share with you all the wonderful experiences I had at NerdCon: Stories.  So stay tuned!

~ Sharon Browning

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