Neil Gaiman’s “Likely Stories” Coming to Sky Arts

by Sharon Browning

Did you like the weird and provocative British television series Black Mirror?  (Of course you did!)  Do you adore Neil Gaiman?  (Of course you do!)  Then you are going to be totally stoked to learn that four of Neil Gaiman’s stories are going to adapted for television, for real!  (The news broke back in October, but now confirmation/details are out.)

Likely stories


Under the title Likely Stories, this “television anthology” will be produced by Sid Gentle Films for Sky Arts (which is kind of like a British prime cable channel, re: subscription network).  While for those of us in the States it’s kind of like looking in the toy shop window, it will only be a matter of time before we’ll get to see the show in the good ‘ole US of A.  (Kind of like Black Mirror…)

According to Deadline Hollywood:

Set in London, the “dark and strange” stories center on the act of storytelling in a world Gaiman has created that shifts between reality and fantasy with common themes of human consumption, destructive obsession and psychological cannibalism.

The four stories are titled Foreign Parts; Feeders & Eaters; Closing Time and Looking For The Girl. The first three are adapted by Kevin Lehane and the last by (Iain) Forsyth and (Jane) Pollard.

Two more incredibly cool things about this news:

  • Jarvis Cocker, former front man for the band Pulp (“Common People”, “Disco 2000”, etc.), and a Neil Gaiman favorite will be scoring the anthology.
  • Neil Gaiman himself is set to appear in cameo in each of the episodes, “with subtle nods to his wider work”. He will also be one of the Executive Producers of the show.


Mr. Gaiman has certainly been a busy, busy boy of late!  Along with welcoming a new son last September with wife/musician/performance artist Amanda Palmer and keeping up a busy appearance schedule, his American Gods is being adapted as a limited series for the Starz network, and the television show, Lucifer, based loosely on his “Sandman” graphic novels, is currently airing on Fox.  He also has a new non-fiction book, The View from the Cheap Seats:  A Collection of Introductions, Essays, and Assorted Writings, appearing in late May.

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