Brothers Grimm in Photos

by Tee Tate
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From THP:
Take a stroll through the forests and woodlands of Middle Europe today, and it doesn’t take long before you begin to imagine yourself as a character in a centuries-old Brothers Grimm story. Be it “Little Red Riding Hood” or “Hansel and Gretel,” it only takes a patch of fog and a thick strip of blackened trees to transport you into the setting of a fairy tale past, elevating your pulse and reminding you why Jacob and Wilhelm reigned supreme in the world of terrifyingly gorgeous children’s literature.

Cologne, Germany-based photographer Kilian Schönberger knows this better than most. He grew up with the misty landscapes in his backyard, producing memories that inspired his artistic work — particularly his “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland” series. In it, Schönberger captures the chilly horror hidden inside an abandoned farmhouse or the overwhelming mystery of a moss-covered path leading beyond the horizon. His photographic illustrations bring the Grimm tales to life, proving that the brothers’ folklore can muster goosebumps in both children and adults.

grimm 2

Schönberger’s photographs are certainly dark, conjuring the more sinister images associated with “Sleeping Beauty” and “Pied Piper of Hamelin.” The effects of his photos could be heightened by the fact that the photographer is color blind.

grimm 3

I think colour blindness (I can’t distinguish green from red, magenta from grey, violet from blue and so on) [sic] can be an advantage especially in forest environments,” the artist explained in an interview with Seamless Photo. “I don’t have to separate singular colours visually and can totally concentrate on the structure for a convincing image composition. Forests are always quite chaotic places — therefore I think the structures are more important for a pleasant result than the colours.”

Scroll through a preview of “Brothers Grimm’s Homeland” below and let us know your thoughts on the whimsical work in the comments.

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See all the photos here.

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