Independent Press Awards 2022 Filling My TBR List

by Tee Tate

Dear LitStackers, the Independent Press Awards 2022 have been awarded and my TBR list is filling up with titles from across all genres by exciting authors.

I have a preset way I choose which books make it to my TBR list. Have I read other works by this author? Do the cover and title interest me? Does the genre interest me? Have others recommended this book? I always click over to read about the book, maybe read a sample. Yes, read a sample: use your e-reader before you buy, or read a preview of the book online. I like to buy eBooks and trade paperbacks and, of course, sometimes, first editions. I’m going to let you click to the list of winners at the link below. But first, here is a list of the books that caught my attention on the winners’ list:

The Missing Peace by Tom Joyce – A spy thriller awarded in New Fiction

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Black Bear Creek by Joshua Cross – Awarded in Short Stories

Undue Influences by Debra E. Blaine, MD – Awarded in Political Thriller

Trine Fallacy by C.K. Donnelly – Awarded in Epic Fantasy

Through the Waters and the Wild by Greg Fields – Awarded in Literary Fiction

Song of the Nile by Hanna Fielding – Awarded in Romance

These are just a few of the titles you’ll find on the 2022 winner list at the Independent Press Awards website. Have fun and enjoy finding your next read.

The list of winners can be found here:

J.S. Hood

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