3 Favorite Self-Hosting Choices To Kick Start Your Website

by LitStack Editor

Consider Self-Hosting

Are you a looking to find your home online or make your mark online? Want to take control of your website and create a personalized online presence? Look no further! We recently made the move from a major corporation web host, and have done a lot of research. Listed below are our top three favorite choices for self-hosting that will help you kick start your website. Say goodbye to limitations and hello to creative freedom. Let’s dive in!

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Website

Ditch the limitations of subscription based captive hosting and take control by switching to self-hosting providers like NameHero, Namecheap, or Siteground. Here’s how you’ll benefit:

  • Design Freedom: Unleash your creativity. Self-hosting lets you break free from pre-designed templates and craft a website that truly reflects your unique brand identity.
  • Room to Grow: Looking to expand your online presence? Self-hosting offers the scalability to handle increasing traffic and growing content needs, captive hosting can become cost-restrictive as your website expands.
  • Your Data, Your Rules: Gain complete control over your website’s data and security. Self-hosting allows you to choose your data storage location, implement robust security measures, and manage backups according to your preferences.
  • SEO Superpowers: Fine-tune your website for search engine success. Self-hosting lets you leverage advanced SEO techniques and powerful analytics tools, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Cost-Effective in the Long Run: While subscription captive hosting might seem affordable initially, those companies keep raising their prices. With self-hosting it can be more cost-effective over time, you lock in a price, and things can be much less expensive especially if you require advanced features or high bandwidth.

A Website That’s Truly Yours

In essence, self-hosting empowers you to create a website that’s truly yours, built for growth and success. Self-hosting does require some technical knowledge for managing the back-end. However, many hosting providers offer user-friendly interfaces with managed WordPress and excellent customer support to ease the process. Our top three picks:


Siteground is user friendlymanaged wordpress available
a great self-hosting choice for beginners


Namecheap is inexpensive, but they offer a lotmanaged wordpress available
self-hosting that costs less


NameHero Offers Everything at a Great Pricemanaged wordpress available
LitStack uses self-hosting on NameHero

self-hosting NameHero website


When it comes to self-hosting choices to kick start your website, all 3 of the options above offer great features. Ultimately, it’s up to you to research and purchase the self-hosting solution that best suits your needs. However, after careful consideration, we have found that NameHero stands out as the top choice for meeting our requirements. Good luck on your journey! Purchase your preferred self-hosting service and get your website up and running smoothly.

If the deal showcased in the graphic is not active, rest assured that clicking on the graphic will take you directly to their website and their latest great offers. Don’t miss out on these three great opportunities to research for self-hosting – explore each link and discover the exciting deals available to help you enhance your website journey.

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