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Nothing brings neighbors together like someone else’s secrets… At Shelley House, the walls have ears, and they’re attached to a ragtag duo of busybodies–Nosy Neighbors– ready to pry, snoop, and generally annoy their neighbors into solving a crime.

Nosy Neighbors and author Freya Sampson

About Nosy Neighbors

Seventy-seven-year-old Dorothy Darling has lived in Shelley House longer than any of the other residents, and if you take their word for it, she’s as cantankerous as they come. But Dorothy has her reasons for spying. And none of them require justifying herself to Kat Bennett. 

Twenty-five-year-old Kat has never known a place where she felt truly at home, and crumbling Shelley House is no different. Her neighbors find her prickly and unapproachable, but beneath her tough exterior, Kat’s plagued by a guilty secret from her past.

When their apartments face demolition, sworn enemies Kat and Dorothy agree on just one thing: they must save their historic building. But when someone plays dirty—and one of the residents is viciously taken down—Dorothy and Kat seek justice. The police close the investigation too soon, leaving it up to the unlikely amateur sleuths—with a playful Jack Russell terrier at their side—to restore peace in their community.

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ISBN-13: 9780593550526
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/02/2024


Praise for Nosy Neighbors

“Freya Sampson is a master at creating complicated, nuanced characters you care deeply about….While a mystery is the central engine of the book, the true story lies in the mundane lives of the residents of Shelley House and the pain each person carries within them. A fun and beautiful book about the devastating power secrets can have on our lives and the many ways community can help you heal.”—Mia P. Manansala, author of the Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Award-winning Arsenic and Adobo

“Sampson delivers a lovely cozy crime mystery! A pair of mismatched sleuths cleverly unite their mistrustful London apartment building community in a story of found family that brims over with warmth and charm.”USA Today bestselling author Sherry Thomas

“…[A]ddictive reading. Freya Sampson has a wonderful talent for creating characters that feel vividly true to life, and it really shines here. This warm and moving novel is layered with mystery, emotion, and heart as it explores its powerful themes of guilt and community. I just know readers are going to love it as much as I do.”—India Holton, author of The Secret Service of Tea and Treason

“A fun, heartwarming community caper, this book reminds us that while we can’t choose our neighbors, we often end up with exactly the ones we need—even if they infuriate us at first.”—Mikki Brammer, author of The Collected Regrets of Clover


“A sweet, uplifting story that explores how a group of strangers can ultimately become a community—and perhaps solve a mystery or two along the way!”—Nikki Erlick, author of The Measure

“Freya Sampson never fails to make me cry in the best possible way, and Nosy Neighbors is no exception. While the characters try to solve a mystery in their quest to save their beloved home, it becomes apparent that the real mystery is how they ended up in that situation in the first place–a mystery Sampson slowly unravels with the utmost care for their humanity and abundant charm. It’s impossible not to root for Dorothy, Kat, and even Shelley House itself.”—Tori Anne Martin, USA Today bestselling author of This Spells Disaster

“Nosy Neighbors is a real hug of a book, full of dynamic characters, intrigue, courage and kindness. I loved it!”—Hazel Prior, bestselling author of How the Penguins Saved Veronica

“Touching and thrilling all at once. I loved this clever mystery about friendship, loss and the power of community. Highly recommended!”—Tess Amy, author of The Confidence Games

“Sampson (The Lost Ticket, 2022) once again presents a charming story about intergenerational friendship leading to healing…This heartwarming tale is full of subtle humor and rich characters.”—Booklist

“The tenants are as crafty and charming as the house in this all’s-well-that-ends-well tale.”—Kirkus

About Freya Sampson, Author of Nosy Neighbors

Nosy Neighbors

Freya Sampson is the USA Today bestselling author of The Last Chance Library and The Lost Ticket/The Girl on the 88 Bus. She studied history at Cambridge University and worked in television as an executive producer, making documentaries about everything from the British royal family to neighbors from hell. She lives in London with her husband, children and cats. Nosy Neighbors is her third novel.

You can find and follow Freya Sampson on her website, on Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter).

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Nosy Neighbors

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Nosy Neighbors

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