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In Sunbringer, the second book of the Fallen Gods trilogy, Gods are still forbidden in the kingdom of Middren—but now they are stirring, whispering of war.

Sunbringer and author Hannah Kaner

About Sunbringer

When Middren falls to the gods, your kind will be the first to die.

Gods are forbidden in the kingdom of Middren—but now they are stirring, whispering of war. Godkiller Kissen sacrificed herself to vanquish the fire god Hseth, who murdered her family and endangered her friends. But gods cannot be destroyed so easily, and Hseth’s power threatens to reform with even greater strength and a thirst for vengeance. As tensions rise throughout the land, the kingdom needs its Godkiller more than ever.

Still reeling from the loss of Kissen, young noble Inara and her little god of white lies, Skedi, have set out to discover more about the true nature of their bond. As the divide between gods and humans widens, Inara and Skedi will uncover secrets that could determine the fate of the war to come.

Meanwhile, Elogast, no longer a loyal knight of King Arren, has been tasked with killing the man he once called friend. The king vowed to eradicate all gods throughout the land, but has now entered into an unholy pact with the most dangerous of them all. And where his heart once beat, a god now burns. . .

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ISBN: 9780063350106
Publisher: Harper Voyager
Publication Date: March 12, 2024


Praise for Hannah Kaner’s Sunbringer and Godkiller

“Readers who were hooked by the first book will be satisfied by the action sequences and antics of the wily, unpredictable gods whose mere whims alter the course of the characters’ destinies.”—Publishers Weekly

“Violent, bawdy, beautifully imagined, and intensely felt, Godkiller is a bone-rattling fantasy thriller that flies by in a breathtaking rush.”Joe Hill, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fireman

“A fresh and confident debut, Godkiller will have you in its grasp from the first pages. Led by a cast of spirited characters, it leaps and bounds to the beat of its own golden heart, building to an epic clash of wills. Hannah Kaner has taken her first great strides in what is sure to be an extraordinary journey.”Samantha Shannon, New York Times bestselling author of Priory of the Orange Tree

“Epic and intimate, tender and sharp, Godkiller is a triumph of storytelling and the beginning of a story that I can’t wait to follow.”—Hannah Whitten, New York Times bestselling author of For the Wolf

“Holy heck, this book is so good. A disabled bisexual mercenary heroine who murders gods, a former soldier turned baker with a troubled past, a noble child linked to the god of white lies . . . You need this story in your life!”Katee Robert, New York Times bestselling author of the Dark Olympus series, on Godkiller

“Devastating and triumphant, Godkiller will eviscerate you.”—Tasha Suri, award-winning author of The Jasmine Throne

“In addition to being exquisitely paced and character-driven, Kaner’s novel features a widely diverse cast. Queerness does not draw ridicule in Kaner’s invented world. . . . Both heroes and two secondary characters have disabilities; he’s living with PTSD, while she’s an amputee. . . . An un-put-down-able start to an engrossing low-fantasy trilogy bordering on grimdark.”—Kirkus (starred review)

“There are few things more enjoyable than watching a bruised yet honorable man and a vengeance-seeking assassin escort a young girl and her manipulative, telepathic divinity of a familiar to the forbidden city of the gods. Especially when the world they’re traipsing through is so rich and laden with narrative potential.”—Bookpage

“Godkiller takes the fabric of epic fantasy and stitches it into a clean, tense, precisely measured and neatly designed tapestry. … This is a very strong debut, offering compelling characters whose problems mount from the ordinary to the epic in the space of the novel.”—

“Kaner thrusts readers into a grisly world of treacherous gods in her enthralling debut . . . Kaner’s bewitching world forms an ideal backdrop to the adventures of her dynamic and appealing cast. This marks Kaner as a writer to watch.”—Publishers Weekly

“This debut, a cross between The Witcher and Samantha Shannon’s Roots of Chaos series, will attract many speculative readers, especially those compelled by folklore and found family. . . . The setting of Godkiller feels epic and lived in, suggesting much more story to be revealed in future installments of the planned trilogy.”—Booklist

“The story’s protagonists meet en route to Blenraden, and their clashing goals stir up immediate tension. As they are forced to rely on each other during their journey, they develop a found-family dynamic that will please many readers . . . In this debut trilogy launch, already a bestseller in the UK, Kaner provides a satisfying payoff, along with twists setting up a sequel with much higher stakes.”—Library Journal


About Hannah Kaner, Author of Sunbringer

Hannah Kaner author of Sunbringer and Godkiller Photo by Magdalena Kaminska
Photo by Magdalena Kaminska

Hannah has her heart in Scotland and her roots in the north of England.

Hannah’s trade has always been storytelling. From creating and unraveling mysteries in Northumberland with her mates, to annoying the hell out of her supervisors at the University of Cambridge by insisting on comparing Terry Pratchett to Charles Dickens, and studying narrative theory in video games.

They grudgingly (or joyfully?) gave her a 1st Class degree in English.

​She puts the desire to communicate and challenge into her work in the technology sector, specializing in creating digital tools for hard to reach communities.

Hannah loves the histories and mythologies shared through our cultural histories, the stories we tell ourselves about being human. She also likes stabby swords and angry women.

You can find and follow Hannah Kaner on her website, on Instagram, LinkedIn, and X (formerly Twitter).

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