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Two young women are trapped in a deadly chase through the beautiful, dangerous waters around Australia in the new thriller, The Offing, from the bestselling author of Our Little Secret.

The Offing and author Roz Nay

About The Offing

Ivy is in trouble. A recent break-up has left her humiliated and raw, so when her best friend, Regan, offers her a month-long escape in the form of a trip to Australia, it feels like a lifeline, one that Ivy grabs with both hands.

Regan is everything Ivy’s not—confident, free-spirited, charismatic—and a natural at backpacker fun. But Ivy is drawn to a calmer type of holiday, so when she spots an ad for crewmembers on a small yacht being sailed by a doting father and his daughter, the girls decide to take the job. Together with a handsome third crewmember, they set off north into tropical heat, but it’s not long before doubts start to creep in. Are the girls simply claustrophobic on the boat, or have they stumbled into something they don’t understand? 

Tensions rise as the past threatens to catch up with them, and dark secrets emerge that will change everything. A dangerous cat-and-mouse game on land and at sea, this fast-paced, twisty thriller keeps you guessing until the very last page.

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ISBN: 9780735248250
Publisher: Viking
Publication date: May 28, 2024

Praise for The Offing

“If you’re a thriller fan who isn’t yet familiar with Roz Nay, make this the next book you read—The Offing is a deliciously twisty adventure at sea that wastes no time making you guess who can and can’t be trusted (which you’ll do until the very end!), as two young friends navigate the kind of fear and paranoia that feels all too familiar in womanhood.”—Ashley Audrain, #1 bestselling author of The Push and The Whispers

“The Offing is a maelstrom of a novel with a whip-smart plot, a break-neck pace, and an intriguing cast of characters with dueling loyalties and secrets as deep as the ocean. Read THE OFFING on dry land with the lights on, and make sure to brace yourself for an ending that will snatch your breath away. Not to be missed!”—Heather Gudenkauf, New York Times bestselling author of The Overnight Guest

“The Offing is a dark, twisty ride on the water, where everyone has a secret and paranoia runs deep. Roz Nay has written a taut, suspenseful story and the surprises never stop.”—Samantha Downing, internationally bestselling author of My Lovely Wife and A Twisted Love Story

“As you read Roz Nay’s latest thriller The Offing a sense of dread will slowly crawl up your spine, slither to your ear, and whisper you should hold on tight because bad things, really bad things, are coming. Compelling, claustrophobic, and so creepily atmospheric, you may never set foot on a vessel again. One heck of a read!”—Hannah Mary McKinnon, internationally bestselling author of The Revenge List

“Set in the deep, dark waters of Australia, where danger lurks under and above the surface, The Offing is terrifyingly brilliant. As the boat rocks and sways, so do the suspicions swirling around everyone on board. My heart hammered, nails digging into my skin, as I breathlessly turned the pages, gasping at each stunning reveal. Roz Nay has written a chilling, gripping tale of deceit, revenge, and justice, proving once again that she’s an undeniable force in the thriller genre.”—Samantha M. Bailey, USA TODAY and #1 national bestselling author of A Friend in the Dark

“With vivid prose and immersive imagery, Nay takes you on a journey that is sinister, tension-packed, and explores unsettling corners you’d never expect. Absolutely addictive!”—Nicole Lundrigan, author of An Unthinkable Thing and A Man Downstairs

“Roz Nay remains one of my favorite thriller writers with The Offing, her latest page-turner about two young women on vacation—and secretly on the run from danger back home. A locked room mystery on a boat in Australia, a police investigation unfolding in a split time-frame, and a nail-biting first person narration had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Another must read from a masterful storyteller!”—Wendy Walker, bestselling author of What Remains

“Roz Nay takes us Down Under for a creepy cat and mouse chase in Australia’s tropical waters. . . . Atmospheric, immersive and incredibly addictive, with all Roz’s trademarks: a strong sense of place, complex characters with secrets, and hot but dubious men. I’m a huge fan of Roz’s writing and this is her best yet!”—Allie Reynolds, author of Shiver and The Swell

“The Offing is unputdownable. As taut as a sailor’s knot. The unexpected twists never stop . . .”—Sascha Rothchild, author of Blood Sugar

About Roz Nay, Author of The Offing

The Offing

Roz Nay’s debut novel, Our Little Secret, was a national bestseller, won the Douglas Kennedy Prize for best foreign thriller in France, and was nominated for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize for Mystery and the Arthur Ellis Best First Novel Award. Her second bestselling novel, Hurry Home, was shortlisted for the Crime Writers of Canada Best Crime Novel award and The Hunted, her third, was nominated for Best Crime Novel in 2022. Roz has lived and worked in Africa, Australia, the US, and the UK. She now lives in British Columbia, Canada, with her husband and two children.

You can find and follow Roz Nay on her website, on Facebook, Instagram, and on X (formerly Twitter).

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The Offing

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