Spotlight on “Code Name Butterfly” by Embassie Susberry

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Code Name Butterfly, by Embassie Susberry, is a wartime epic about love, bravery and fighting against prejudice in all its forms.

Code Name Butterfly and Embassie Susberry

About Code Name Butterfly

Paris, 1941. With Nazi occupation imminent, journalist Elodie Mitchell plans to return home to Chicago. But an unexpected invitation to a Josephine Baker show changes everything.

Mistaken for the star, Elodie is whisked backstage, where she uncovers an underground resistance movement hidden beneath the glitz and glamour.

Drawn into a whisper network of spies, Elodie accepts a perilous mission: to go undercover as Josephine’s cousin and gather vital intelligence.

In a world on the edge of darkness, Elodie must summon unwavering courage to protect her beloved adopted city and its people – and getting caught is not an option.

Praise for Code Name Butterfly

Code Name Butterfly, “A WWII story with a difference. It had moments of both humour and fear, romance and sadness. A good read which I would recommend.”—Reader Review

“If you’re looking for a novel that captures the turbulent swirl of events from pre-war Paris to life in France after the surrender of the French government in the summer of 1940, [Code Name Butterfly] could be the book for you. Like all the best accounts of these troubled times, the reader is kept abreast of events through the narrative that captures the everyday life of the protagonist Elodie (Ely), who meets the singer Josephine Baker and is drawn into the world of espionage and intrigue. The writing is executed beautifully.”—Reader Review

“The setting and atmosphere is stellar! I felt like I was in Paris, swept up in the tense and bizarre mixture of avant-garde, carefree life as it became increasingly more unsettling. Susberry’s vivid descriptions were phenomenal. I”ve read many books with this setting, but none as wonderfully immersive as [Code Name Butterfly].”—Reader Review

“I don”t want to be dramatic, but t[Code Name Butterfly] was effing brilliant. Could not recommend it more! Have never read a book so fast!”—Reader Review

“There wasn”t any part of [Code Name Butterfly] I did not love!! It draws the reader in from the first page and doesn”t let go. Please pick it up! It won”t disappoint.”—Reader Review

“A really interesting, well researched and well written book, it captures the flavour of France at the start of WWII beautifully. There are so many people who dare to try to change the way things are, and this acts as a nice tribute to them. An excellent read.”—Reader Review

“This is quite a different WW II historical novel … This is a complex story, about more than just WWII in France or Josephine Baker. It”s about family, racism, and courage. I loved it.”—Reader Review

Readers love Embassie Susberry

“Everything I have read of Embassie Susberry’s writing has touched my heart! Her historical writing kept me turning the pages!”

“I know I say this every time I finish an Embassie Susberry book but I mean it every time. The romance, the action, and suspense was intense. Can”t wait for the next one.”

“Embassie Susberry writes the best stories. The book was so good. Of course, I couldn”t put it down. I loved the characters, the romance, the action, and the mystery.”

“I am a huge fan of Embassie Susberry. I am working my way through all of her books!”

“I truly enjoyed this book. Embassie Susberry is an amazing author and I am so glad I found her…”

“This is one to savour reading!”

About Embassie Susberry, Author of Code Name Butterfly

Code Name Butterfly author Embassie Susberry

Embassie Susberry is a practicing attorney in Chicago, but when she”s not doing her day job, she”s reading or writing what she wants to read. Code Name Butterfly is Embassie’s first traditionally published novel. She has over 2000 reviews for her self-published novels on Amazon with average ratings of 4.7 stars.

You can find Embassie Susberry on her website.

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