Gillian Anderson’s Debut Sci-Fi Novel Coming in October!

by Tee Tate

Former X-File actress Gillian Anderson has landed a deal for a Sci-Fi novel to launch in October. Hold onto your hats, fanboys, the lady is a triple threat.


The Guardian reported that Anderson will be writing a series, ‘The EarthEnd Saga,’ with co-writer Jeff Rovin. The first novel, A Vision of Fire, will be out in October, and will explore the relationship between a child psychiatrist and one of her patients, a troubled young girl whose trauma seems to be linked to a larger, and very ominous universal force. Anderson talked with Entertainment Weekly about the writing process, saying that knew she wanted ‘a very strong female character, around my age,’ and that while she doesn’t usually allow herself the time to write, she thought that this novel had been a ‘fantastic experience.’

She’ll be published by Simon and Schuster’s new venture, Simon451 (named, as everything should be, in honor of Ray Bradbury) which will focus on “literary and commercial speculative fiction,” published in digital-first formats and ebook originals. Simon451’s senior editor, Sarah Knight told The Guardian that ‘within the science fiction and fantasy genre, ebooks and online communities are becoming the primary means of reading and discovery.’

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