Spotlight on “I Am Rome” by Santiago Posteguillo

an audiobook narrated by Dan Bittner

by LitStack Editor

I Am Rome” the #1 international bestseller that has captured readers and listeners the world over―and reminds us all why we remember the name Julius Caesar.

Introduction to the Audiobook of I Am Rome

Experience an exceptional audiobook that will transport you back in time, immersing you in the grandeur and intrigue of ancient Rome. Introducing I Am Rome by Santiago Posteguillo, a masterpiece sure to captivate both history enthusiasts and casual readers alike. Step into the world of emperors and gladiators, as you embark on a thrilling journey. Immerse yourself in the rich storytelling and vivid narration that brings ancient Rome to life. Get ready to be swept away by the magic of I Am Rome – the must-listen audiobook for all fans of historical fiction.

I Am Rome

About I Am Rome

Every legend has a beginning . . .

Rome, 77 B.B. The corrupt Senator Dolabella is about to go on trial for his crimes.

But Dolabella owns the jury. He’s hired the best lawyers in the city. And he’s very willing to use violence against those who oppose him.

In all of Rome, no man dares accept the role of prosecutor—until, against all odds, an unknown twenty-three-year-old steps out to lead the case, defend the people of the city, and defy the power of the ruling elite.

That lawyer’s name is Gaius Julius Caesar.

So begins Santiago Posteguillo’s acclaimed masterpiece of historical fiction―a tale as epic as Caesar’s life itself. An irresistible novel of politics and betrayal, grand battles and impossible odds, shocking villainy and even greater acts of courage, I Am Rome brilliantly animates the moments that shaped this extraordinary young man’s fate—and in so doing, changed the course of history itself.

International Praise for I Am Rome

“Posteguillo shows just how thrilling a historical novel can be.”―El País

“The greatest Spanish author of historical novels tackles the most brilliant of men.”―El Mundo

“A vast and successful work that shows the classical world can be a place of delight and amusement.”―ABC

“A true spectacle that gives the reader no respite from adrenaline-driven action.”―La Vanguardia

“So entertaining that you will devour it in no time.”Esquire Spain 

“Posteguillo uses the flow of history to set the scene without losing track of what is essential: narrative pace, intrigue, and action.”―La Razon

“An epic expressed so cinematically that you can visualize the key moments . . . accomplished in a style that maintains pace and raises tension.”―Qué Leer

“A plethora of betrayals, power struggles, and backstabbing in the purest Roman style.”―Cadena SER 

I Am Rome

About Santiago Posteguillo, Author of I Am Rome

I Am Rome

Santiago Posteguillo is the bestselling author of historical novels in the Spanish language, with more than 4 million readers. His numerous novels set in the ancient world include the Planeta Prize–winning I, Julia (about Rome’s most powerful empress) and his Scipio Africanus trilogy. He combines his writing with his work as a tenured professor of English language and literature at the Jaume I University in Castellón. Posteguillo holds a doctorate from the University of Valencia and has studied literature, linguistics, and translation at various universities in the United States and the United Kingdom. 

You can find Santiago Posteguillo on his website, on Facebook, Instagram, and on X (formerly Twitter).

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