Spotlight on “Indian Burial Ground” by Nick Medina

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A man lunges in front of a car. An elderly woman silently drowns herself. A corpse sits up in its coffin and speaks. 

On this reservation, not all is what it seems, in this new spine-chilling mythological horror story Indian Burial Ground by Nick Medina, the author of Sisters of the Lost Nation.

Indian Burial Ground

About Indian Burial Ground

All Noemi Broussard wanted was a fresh start. With a new boyfriend who actually treats her right and a plan to move from the reservation she grew up on—just like her beloved Uncle Louie before her—things are finally looking up for Noemi. Until the news of her boyfriend’s apparent suicide brings her world crumbling down.

But the facts about Roddy’s death just don’t add up, and Noemi isn’t the only one who suspects that something menacing might be lurking within their tribal lands.

After over a decade away, Uncle Louie has returned to the reservation, bringing with him a past full of secrets, horror, and what might be the key to determining Roddy’s true cause of death. Together, Noemi and Louie set out to find answers…but as they get closer to the truth, Noemi begins to wonder whether it might be best for some secrets to remain buried.

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ISBN-13: 9780593546888
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 04/16/2024


Praise for Indian Burial Ground

“Medina’s writing is a Master Class in suspense.”—Rachel Harrison, national bestselling author of Black Sheep

“Nick Medina blends myth and reality, supernatural danger and ordinary human menace into a story that will pull your heartstrings even as it shreds your nerves. Like the alligators lurking in its pages, Indian Burial Ground will swallow you whole.”—Ana Reyes, New York Times bestselling author of The House in the Pines

“Indian Burial Ground is wonderfully creepy and relentlessly dark. Part adventure narrative, part supernatural horror story, and part eerie mystery, this novel slithers under your skin and makes you wish you knew less with every step it brings you closer to the truth. Nick Medina is waiting in the dark to whisper in your ear about dead things, about the tamahka, about blood and Native mythology. You should let him.”—Gabino Iglesias, author of The Devil Takes You Home

“An intense family drama set on the (fictional) Rez where the threat of the mysterious Takoda Vampire makes for a gripping—and creepy!—read. Nick Medina is an Indigenous writer to watch.”—Erika T. Wurth, author of White Horse

“Nick Medina’s Indian Burial Ground is an expertly-paced novel, chock-full of Native lore and spine-chilling suspense. When the horror hits, it hits hard.”—Jimmy Juliano, author of Dead Eleven


About Nick Medina, Author of Indian Burial Ground

Indian Burial Ground

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Nick Medina appreciates blues-based music, local folklore, and snowy winters. He has degrees in organizational and multicultural communication, and has worked as a college instructor. He enjoys listening to classic rock, exploring haunted cemeteries, and all sorts of spooky stuff. He has gone in search of Resurrection Mary, the “Italian Bride,” the “Devil Baby,” and other Windy City ghosts. An enthusiast of local and Native lore, his debut novel, Sisters of the Lost Nation, features several supernatural myths and legends. In addition to exploring the strange and unusual, he enjoys playing guitar, physical fitness, and spending time with family.

Connect with Nick Medina on his website, on Instagram, and Twitter.

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Indian Burial Ground

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Indian Burial Ground

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