LitStack Exclusive: Good and Bad Writing Advice

by Tee Tate

As writers, new and seasoned, there’s one truth that seems to be universal: everyone has advice for you. The problem occurs when those “everyones” don’t quite know what they’re talking about. You’re going to get good and bad advice as you navigate your way learning the writing craft. There will be people who tell you to give up, some that have you believing you should turn your back on the Oxford comma, even some who convince you your words are made of literary fairy dust and you shouldn’t touch a letter you’ve written.

Here’s the problem, a big one: not everyone knows of which they speak. Our best advice to you, burgeoning author, is to listen to the advice of those that have not only come before you, but who have managed to succeed in not only being well read, but also producing original, well-constructed stories. Listen and then learn what works best for you.

For our Autumn kickoff, we asked eleven of some of the most beloved (and most successful) authors to give us exclusive quotes about the best and worst writing advice they’ve ever gotten. From Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance and Young Adult, these authors have been where you are and have a lot  to tell you about how they navigated their writer’s road. Take our advice and listen well.

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