Our Favorite Timeless Plots

by Tee Tate


Who doesn’t love a good transformation story?

Consigned to a life of domestic drudgery while her ugly stepsisters idle their hours away chatting and ball attending would be enough to make anyone go over the edge. Not so with Cinderella.

She rises above the fray, maintains integrity and poise in the face of malice and hatefulness, and manages to outshine everyone, covered in chimney soot or not.

Cinderella has all the elements with which we’ve been entranced and enamored: the fairy godmother, the hour when the magic abruptly ends, the shoe left behind and the hunt that ensures thereafter, the spark that happens in the presence of  “The One.” Oh, and that perfect dress.

No wonder we can’t get enough of this story. Escape from modern mediocrity into a world of glittery ballgowns, glass slippers, pumpkins that turn into carriages, and a prince who will be happy with none other than the humble, hard working, pure hearted proverbial girl next door.

Not even Disney could ruin this one!

-Jennifer Orozco

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