Rachel Caine, 1962 – 2020

by Tee Tate

Science fiction, fantasy, mystery, suspense and horror novelist Rachel Caine lost her battle with soft tissue sarcoma on November 1. She was 58.

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Rachel Caine

First diagnosed in 2018, Caine, whose given name was Roxanne Longstreet Conrad, was born in West Texas, April 27, 1962, and published several series and novels under various pen names. Most notable among her series is the Weather Warden series, the Morganville Vampires series, the Great Library series, and the Stillhouse Lake series.

A popular speaker on the conference set, Caine is being remembered by colleagues, fans, and friends alike not only for her talent but her generous spirit.

From her literary agent  Lucienne Diver:

Roxanne had all of those readers and such an amazing career because she was so empathetic. Because she could put herself in other people’s heads and hearts and put us there too. She could consider how it might feel to be an unsponsored (and therefore fair game) human in a town run by vampires or the unknowing wife of a serial killer having to change identities and go on the run with your kids when internet trolls are sure that you did know and are prepared to hunt you down and administer “justice,” so you could imagine it as well. Or…well, the list goes on. But when you can empathize and explore, then others can expand their understanding along with you, and that is an amazing thing. A world-changing thing. And the best any of us can ask is to leave our mark on this world.

Roxanne did that. She left her mark on all who knew her. We are all richer for having her in our world, and I won’t say poorer for her having left it, because she leaves behind her legacy that will always be with us. Her spirit and the way she’s inspired and uplifted all of us.

In lieu of flowers, Mrs. Caine’s family asks that donations be sent to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of American Emergency Medical Fund, or the Dallas-based Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center.


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