The Books That Affected Us the Most

by Tee Tate
Marley and Me by John Groganmarley and me

I would like to say that the book that affected me the most is something profound, some totem on the nature of life, love, God, the universe, or something of that nature. Rather than great works of philosophy, I find myself moved by books of a more pedestrian nature. One that stands out as having moved me, both to tears and to laughter, is John Grogan’s Marley and Me. I grew up with dogs (we have three of them at the moment), and I can relate to many of the situations retold, from bringing home a leaping, slobbering ball of fur and teeth, to sheer terror at thunderstorms, to watching life decline in the eyes of your best friend. Grogan’s writing is highly relatable, and, much like life (with or without a dog), he switches gear from funny to heart-wrenching in the blink of an eye.

Perhaps Marley and Me is not high literature, but the story worked its way into my heart–as have many a four-legged friend.

—Elisha Dew

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