Fantasy Books We’d Love to See on Film

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by Tee Tate
Fantasy Books

Fantasy book lovers have often had a love/hate relationship with film (the big and small screen alike) adaptations of their most beloved stories. While it’s true that some readers haven’t always been happy about these works, the industry seems to be listening to those of us who’ve longed to see our favorite books adapted on screen.

While we won’t dive deep into the debate over which we prefer, Rings of Power or House of Dragon (I can attest that Sharon and I, at least are fully in Tolkien’s camp), we think it’s safe to say that fantasy on the screen is currently a favorite.

But the Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones are only the most well-known and mainstream properties that have been adapted.

In the following pages, we’ve listed a few of our favorites we’re hoping to see on the big or small screen. Some are already heading there, and some, we hope might end up there one day.

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