Fantasy Books We’d Loved to See on Film

by Tee Tate

A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan

What’s it about?

You, dear reader, continue at your own risk. It is not for the faint of heart—no more so than the study of dragons itself. But such study offers rewards beyond compare: to stand in a dragon’s presence, even for the briefest of moments—even at the risk of one’s life—is a delight that, once experienced, can never be forgotten. . . .

All the world, from Scirland to the farthest reaches of Eriga, know Isabella, Lady Trent, to be the world’s preeminent dragon naturalist. She is the remarkable woman who brought the study of dragons out of the misty shadows of myth and misunderstanding into the clear light of modern science. But before she

became the illustrious figure we know today, there was a bookish young woman whose passion for learning, natural history, and, yes, dragons defied the stifling conventions of her day.

Here at last, in her own words, is the true story of a pioneering spirit who risked her reputation, her prospects, and her fragile flesh and bone to satisfy her scientific curiosity; of how she sought true love and happiness despite her lamentable eccentricities; and of her thrilling expedition to the perilous mountains of Vystrana, where she made the first of many historic discoveries that would change the world forever.

Why would it look good on film?

There is a seriously lack of serious females on screen. We were collectively done wrong (in our humble opinions) by the show runners of Game of Thrones and didn’t get the final resulting badassery of our Queen and her dragons by series in. Lady Trent, however, and Brennan’s lush, beautiful series would be a perfect, albeit lest angsty substitute for the girl and her dragons/mythical creatures story.

Sheep eat grass, wolves eat deer, dragons eat everything that doesn’t run away fast enough.

Can’t you see that swooping creature’s shadow panning across the countryside while deer and elk and all manner of creatures run for safety? The books would be a fitting addition to the great fantasy genre already taking place on the small screen and Brennan’s beautiful world building and wonderful characters will only make a series that much more compelling.

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