Songs That Make Books Better

by Tee Tate

“V.” — Mimi and Richard Farina (inspired by V. by Thomas Pynchon)

Richard Farina was a close friend of Pynchon’s, dating back to their college days at Cornell. He married Mimi Baez (sister of Joan) right after she turned 18, and the two of them made a pretty good run together as folk singer/songwriters before he died at the age of 29 — two days after the publication of his first novel. Here, the Farinas are paying homage to Pynchon’s  debut, in a style that I think the postmodern master must certainly have dug. V. — the novel, that is — introduced the complexities and beautiful absurdities of Pynchonian prose to the masses, and the Farinas’ instrumental folk interpretation does it justice, with a floating timbre and the weird sense of freedom within that timelessly ’60s vibe.

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JustBrowsing 6 July, 2012 - 11:15 am

Sensational! Loved the chance to actually hear the music and make the connection with you. This is a special treat!

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