Coming to the Stacks | November 2022

by Tee Tate


Author of TELL ME LIES (now wrapping up its first season as a Hulu series), TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE and CAN’T LOOK AWAY Carola Lovering’s BYE BABY, about the toxic relationship between two women,

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Carola Lovering

childhood friends once close enough to cover up major secrets for each other, who have drifted apart in adulthood as their lives have gone in different directions, but who come back together when the infant daughter of one is kidnapped, to Sarah Cantin at St. Martin’s, in a major deal, in a two-book deal, by Allison Hunter at Trellis Literary Management.

UK author Nikki Marmery’s LILITH, pitched as a feminist retelling of the Hebrew myth about the first woman, who is expelled from Paradise when she refuses to bow to Adam’s will, to Holly Ingraham at Alcove Press, in a nice deal, for publication in fall 2023, by Allison Hellegers at Stimola Literary Studio on behalf of Ella Kahn at DKW.

Children’s author Liz Hyder’s adult debut THE GIFTS, a story of intrigue, deception, and friendship as the lives of four women—two of them with wings—intersect with one ambitious, obsessive surgeon in 19th-century England, pitched as in the vein of THE ONCE AND FUTURE WITCHES and THE ESSEX SERPENT, to Shana Drehs at Sourcebooks Landmark, for publication in spring 2023, by Ruth Logan at Bonnier UK.

Author of BOAZ BROWN Michelle Stimpson’s SISTERS WITH A SIDE OF GREENS, in which two estranged Southern sisters fight their way to forgiveness and fulfilling long deferred dreams; and then, there’s their mama’s secret recipe, which will either save them or destroy their relationship forever, to Deb Werksman at Sourcebooks, in a two-book deal, for publication in spring 2024, by Emily Sylvan Kim at Prospect Agency.

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