Coming to the Stacks | November 2022

by Tee Tate


Nick Dybeck’s WHEN CAPTAIN FLINT WAS STILL A GOOD MAN, a character-driven thriller pitched as YELLOWSTONE meets SUCCESSION, about a threat to a Pacific Northwest fishing community when the owner of the local fleet dies and the fishermen resort to drastic measures to preserve their way of life, a tale of modern masculinity, a dying working class industry, family and loyalty, to Kinetic Content with producer Chris Goldberg’s Winterlight Pictures.

Samantha Allen’s PATRICIA WANTS TO CUDDLE, a queer, genre-blending horror satire of American reality television and influencer culture, following a group of contestants on a reality dating show as they compete for love, and their lives, to ABC Signature, with Goddard Textiles producing, at auction, by Addison Duffy at UTA on behalf of Leila Campoli at Stonesong.
Rights: Sandy Hodgman at Hodgman Literary.

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Samantha Allen

Former WSJ reporters Rachel Dodes and Lauren Mechling’s THE MEMO, following a 30-something woman whose mounting suspicion that she never “got the memo” is confirmed, and she’s given the chance to travel back in time and fix her worst mistakes—but at what cost?, optioned to wiip; for development collaboration with Lean Machine, the production company headed by screenwriter and director Aline Brosh McKenna; executive produced by Paul Lee and Mark Roybal, Aline Brosh McKenna, Heather Morris, Rachel Dodes, and Lauren Mechling; by William Morris Endeavor; on behalf of Grainne Fox at Fletcher & Company.

Aimee Thurlo and David Thurlo’s Ella Clah Mystery series, featuring a Navajo female detective, to Arowana Media Holdings’ Mike The Pike Entertainment, by Susan Schulman at Susan Schulman Literary Agency, on behalf of Peter Rubie of Fine Print Literary Management.

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