Why We Love Our Genres

by Tee Tate

Literary Fictionlit fic

I’m not much of a genre reader. I don’t mind romance, but there has to be some substance, an actual story, built around the love part. I don’t mind an occasional mystery, though I generally don’t seek them out. But if I do pick one up, please let there be an unexpected twist at the end. Science fiction is okay, but often it’s a bit . . . out there. And those authors tend to make up words that I struggle to pronounce. I have yet to buy into the steampunk notion. And I decidedly disdain horror because it causes me to lose sleep. And I like sleep. So what do I read? I enjoy women’s, young adult, or middle grade fiction that is heavy on character development. Literary fiction. A story that takes us deep into the psyches of the protagonist, antagonist, and secondary characters. I want to see a character overcome a difficult situation, but I also want to know how that character FEELS about it. And I like historical fiction because it takes me to other worlds that allow me to wonder what it might have been like to live there, had I been born in that place and time. And I especially enjoy novels in verse because the language is so lovely. And I can read them really fast.
-Angie Dilmore

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Ibrahim 27 March, 2013 - 12:01 pm

I’m actually kind of the same way. I have a TBR stack, but that’s manily because I can never buy just one book and I get a bunch sent to me. I’ll just look at it and whatever catches my eye is generally the next one to get read (unless there is a review deadline for a certain book).The only reason I have a spreadsheet is because of all the books I come across. When I first started reading UF/PNR, I didn’t know that many authors, so when I went asking for suggestions, I received a TON. My TBR list at the time was around 90 novels; now its over 700 and there’s no way I would remember them all. I’ve joined challenges, but purely for fun. I never take them serious and I rarely finish all of them. I know this year I’ll be lucky to finish one and I’m even hosting one.

Marjorie Roy 10 January, 2014 - 11:31 am

Most of the books I read are mysteries, I just enjoy reading anything with a good “who done it”.
Keeps the mind thinking like a good math question.

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