6 Books That Will Help You Get Your Sh** Together

by Tee Tate

GET RICH, LUCKY BITCH by Denise Duffield-Thomas

You’re going to notice a pattern to this list: manifestation is key. But before you click away and your eyes

books for success and motivation

ache from rolling let me add a caveat. Manifestation is not wishing for things to happen. It’s believing they can happen and working your butt off to make them happen. There are a lot of folks that will sell you the “you just have to believe” BS. And putting for that positive manifestation into the universe is essential (some people call it a vibe or just faith), but nothing will tangibly happen without hard work.

This is something Duffield-Thomas understands and teaches to her readers. There are informative techniques and advice in this book that will help you focus and fully comprehend the full capacity of manifestation and how the mind/action dynamic works together with a particular focus on finances to make your life a success.


So you want to manifest more money this year. You’re not alone. But why does it feel so freaking hard? It’s weird and frankly bewildering that the most talented women in the world are often the ones struggling to make fabulous money from their talents. Too many female entrepreneurs sabotage their income and work too hard for too little.

Why do most women settle for pennies instead of embracing true wealth? It’s not because you’re not smart or ambitious enough. You’ve just been programmed to block your Universal right to wealth with guilt, shame or embarrassment. Even if you’re unaware of these blocks and fears, you’re probably not earning what you’re worth.

In Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! you’ll learn how to unlock your hidden potential for abundance and upgrade your life forever. Join Lucky Bitch author Denise Duffield-Thomas on a journey of self-discovery so you can smash through your abundance blocks and join a community of women all around the world who are learning to live large and become truly lucky bitches.

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