6 Books That Will Help You Get Your Sh** Together

by Tee Tate

THE12 WEEK YEAR: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months by Brian P. Moran

If your year was only 12 weeks and not 52 then procrastination would be a thing of the past, wouldn’t it? Moran takes that concept and runs with it streamlining his process by teaching readers how to better utilize their plans and schedules in smaller intervals that will utterly eliminate the need for making excuses. This system struck “procrastination” from my vocabulary.


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The guide to shortening your execution cycle down from one year to twelve weeks

Most organizations and individuals work in the context of annual goals and plans; a twelve-month execution cycle. Instead, The 12 Week Year avoids the pitfalls and low productivity of annualized thinking. This book redefines your “year” to be 12 weeks long. In 12 weeks, there just isn’t enough time to get complacent, and urgency increases and intensifies. The 12 Week Year creates focus and clarity on what matters most and a sense of urgency to do it now. In the end more of the important stuff gets done and the impact on results is profound.

  • Explains how to leverage the power of a 12 week year to drive improved results in any area of your life
  • Offers a how-to book for both individuals and organizations seeking to improve their execution effectiveness
  • Authors are leading experts on execution and implementation

Turn your organization’s idea of a year on its head, and speed your journey to success.

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