10 Quotes You Need To Savor – Brutally Honest Writing Advice

by Tee Tate
honest writing advice

What is the Best Advice for Writers?

Being a writer isn’t always an easy gig. There are moments of struggle, of invented blocks that we use as an excuse to procrastinate and there is the thrilling, relieving seconds when a story is complete and we’ve finally wrote the two most beautiful words in the English language: The End.

But to get to that point, one must muddle through. You have to work around the muck, ignore that persistent internal editor that encourages to take a moment and rewrite everything before you move forward.  Simply put, you must put one word in front of the other until you reach the end.

The Best Writing Advice is Honest Writing Advice

To help you writers among us, we’ve gathered a few brutally honest quotes about writing from the best and brightest in the game. We hope you’ll take these nuggets of wisdom to heart and for the love of God, don’t you dare stop writing! So now, just as you should be honest in your fiction, click on to read authors being honest, with sometimes brutal advice, which is a big step above not being honest.

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