LitStaff Pick: ‘I Wish My Favorite Author Would Write…’

by Tee Tate
Jacqueline Carey – Regency LitRegency Romance

I would love to see Jacqueline Carey tackle some high mannered, starched and corseted, highly repressed but internally passionate (yet far too well bred to show it) society ladies and gentlemen!  I say this because Ms. Carey pens some of the best and most sensual exotic scenes in speculative fiction – yet even in the books where sex is a plot point, she is never tawdry or gratuitous, never cheap.  Even her most graphic and/or intimate scenes are absolutely appropriate to the situation and the characters involved.

Unquestionably, part of what makes her exotic scenes so very good is the same thing that makes the rest of her fiction so very good – superb writing.  I think that she would perhaps be the one author who could take a Jane Austen sense and sensibility and make it smoking hot without stepping one whit outside of the social norms or making a single inappropriate move.  Anybody can write a sex scene, or inject forbidden carnal knowledge – or even innuendo and double entendre – into a prim and proper scenario, but it would take a true artist to bring passion and desire to a story without defaulting to even the tiniest bit of impropriety.  If there is a literary artist who could do this, it would be Jacqueline Carey.  Now that I would love to read!

-Sharon Browning

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Sharon Browning 25 July, 2013 - 10:28 am

Hmmm…. I wonder what it portends that twice I wrote “exotic” when I should have written “erotic”? Still, the point remains unsullied!

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